Why Choose Kota Cornwallis Dine & Coffee?

Fort Cornwallis KOTA Dine & Coffee sits at the lawn area of Fort Cornwallis, it dramatize the glass-house design with transparent glasses that allow natural lights to flood in the snug little space. The entire space is a wonderland itself, surrounded by charming elements such as bouquets of flowers, prefect sea view from Fort Cornwallis and some historical records such as chapel, harbor light, flagstaff, cannons, cell rooms, a store, guard houses and etc, perfectly suitable for cultural heritage generating perfect photo's collections. Take an amazing experience around KOTA Dine & Coffee to discover more on the culture, heritage and heavenly food of Penang.

Corporate event, corporate cocktail/mingle, award events, product launch, presentation, conference, company luncheon, themed event or team building events Whether it's for 50 guests or 1000 guests , KOTA Dine & Coffee is well equipped to handle all these events of any size. For traditional cultural lunches for any events or planning your corporate events or dinner? Make it truly special by booking our beautifully appointed wonderland. Portraying modern Nyonya & Malaysia's cuisine in a cultured ambiance, every dishes was fully flavored and a happy intrigue to the palate. Coalescence cooking method of French and local, resulting a menu with character. A trim list of offerings, limited capacity and restricted opening hours aid in the production of a hand crafted memorable dining experience. Every dishes sounds like familiar Asian dishes but each had their own twist, elevating the traditional from something common to a stunning introduction to an evening of culinary enchantment.